Best Concrete Sealers

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There are two primary markets: commercial and residential. Concrete Sealers Reviews was created to help homeowners and construction professionals find the best sealer for their job. All information on this website has been gathered from the internet and manufacturer websites, documents, and technical spec sheets.

Based on the information we have gathered, and on customer reviews from various sources, we have compiled a list of the “Best Concrete Sealers.”

#1 Concrete Sealer

The best concrete sealers on the market are the Foundation Armor’s Armor SX5000.

Why we like it: Foundation Armor’s Armor SX5000 is a high solids, Department of Transportation (DOT) approved water repellent sealer that works entirely below the surface to repel water and other liquids from the surface. It stops damage caused by freeze thaw cycles, prevents concrete spalling caused by water damage, prevents salt stains and salt damage to concrete, and protects the concrete from surface deterioration.

The downside: The benefits of the Armor SX5000 don’t come cheap – a gallon sells for $54.95. The sealer does last for 5-8 years however so the cost can be easily justified. Another downside is they directly distribute their products which means your product must be shipped directly to you (1-5 days). Is the product well worth the wait? We think so.

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#1 Concrete Coloring System

The best concrete coloring system on the market is Concrete Coatings Inc.’s Overlay Integral Colorants.

Why we like it: Concrete Coatings, Inc. C-Series Liquid Colorants may be added to any cementitious mix for an integral color through the entire matrix, not just on the surface. With 27 standard colors, you are sure to find a color that will work well with your project. Custom colors are available.

The downside: You have to add the colorants to the cementitious mix, they can’t be applied to pre-existing concrete.

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#1 Ready-Mix Concrete

The best ready-mix concrete on the market is QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix (No. 1101).

Why we like it: Quikrete is perhaps the most well known brand of ready-mix concrete, and for a reason. It is inexpensive, available in most retail chains, and it is easy to mix and pour.

The downside: When it comes to mixing concrete, you have to add the appropriate amount of water – and there is little room for error. Adding too little will cause the concrete to cure quickly, and crack. Adding too much will weaken the concrete.

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#1 Garage Floor Coatings

The best garage floor coating on the market is the Armor UTN60.

Why we like it: The UTN60 is resistant to just about everything – scratches, abrasion, oil, gas, acids, chemicals. This high solids aliphatic urethane coating offers superior performance over epoxies and will provides  years of use before the need for a recoat.

The downside: The only downside to the UTN60 is you need to grind or acid etch the floor before applying. The better the bond, the longer the life.

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