Silane/Siloxane Sealers

Posted: 7th June 2013 by admin in Silane/Siloxane Sealers

Silane/siloxane sealers are fairly popular amongs homeowners simply because they are easy to use, work on a variety of concrete substrates (especially porous concrete such as cinderblock), and last 5-10 years. They penetrate into the concrete and react – this reaction will cause a hardened material to form within the pores. How is this different from a silicate sealer? Silicates chemically react to form Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH) within the pores. Silane/siloxane sealers deposit a hardened form of the silane/siloxane from within the pores. Which is better? They are both great but if you have little to no technical experience, a silane/siloxane will be easier to apply.

There are two types of silane/siloxane sealers, water based and solvent based. Water based silane/siloxanes have lower VOCs but solvent based silane/siloxanes have been proven to bond better, last longer, and perform better in areas where climates are known to change.

Why is a silane/siloxane blend better than a silane or a siloxane? Each type of sealer has pro’s and con’s. By blending the two types of sealers, you get the best of both sealers without the downfalls.


Foundation Armor: Armor SX5000, low VOC solvent based

Okon: S20 and S40, no VOC, water based

Prosoco: Prediluted Siloxane, no blend available

Masco: Silane 40%, silane only, no blend available