Companies like RadonSeal are what give the concrete sealer industry a bad name. We don’t usually do reviews like this – but in this case, we feel there is a need. We did a little research into the company, and their products, and this is what we found:

  1. RadonSeal products are manufactured in the United States BUT the owner of RadonSeal, Joe Cumpelik is not a U.S. Citizen. At Concrete Sealers Reviews we don’t discriminate, but using the US seal to increase sales is not what we consider to be ethical.
  2. RadonSeal as a company discriminates and targets female owned companies. Tjhey have several hidden review pages on their website that target female-owned companies they directly compete with.
  3. RadonSeal products are CME products which are Endur-O-Seal products. Same product formulations but the products have different names and prices? This is why the industry has become so flooded.
  4. RadonSeal takes marketing to an entirely new level. They control which companies are listed on, and they control what companies are listed on a variety of other websites. When you are looking for reviews online – understand that most reviews are sponsored, or approved by, RadonSeal.

The benefit to RadonSeal is you know they should be around long enough for you to cash in on their very Limited Lifetime Warranty. The downside is that 80-90% of their sealer is made up of water so when you purchase the product and pay to ship it, most of their ingredients you can get from free in your sink.

In our book, their company and their products, their ethics and their actions get an “F” rating.