Concrete Paint Reviews

Posted: 24th July 2012 by admin in Concrete Paint

Concrete paint – a topical layer of color that rests on the surface of the concrete. It is meant for decorative purposes and not for protection. The type of concrete paint that you use and the brand are not important – if you are using the right base coat.

If you are considering using a concrete paint, you want to seal your basement with a penetrant sealer. Most contractors use a sodium silicate because with a silicate you get protection and no color is added to the surface.  Silicate sealers penetrate into the concrete and react with the free calcium and lime to form a crystalline barrier within the pores of the concrete. Most Silicate sealers can be painted over.

Silicates also act as an adhesion agent. This will help to make paint last longer. When you remove the paint 1-5 years from now, you don’t have to worry about removing the sodium silicate. By applying a silicate base coat, your concrete is protected, your paint is protected, and your project lasts and looks better, longer.

Popular base coats: Armor S2000 Concrete Sealer

Popular concrete paints: Drylok (great for cinderblock and concrete with water issues), and BEHR

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  1. roger hartley says:

    I have a cinderblock wall. I used Drylok a few years back and have not had any issues. I wish I would have known about the S2000 to use first but I am very happy with Drylok so far.