Best Paver Sealer

Posted: 8th April 2013 by admin in Pavers

Which paver sealer is best for you is entirely dependent on what you want the sealer to do. When I sealed my pavers I wanted a sealer that would strengthen my pavers and prevent them from damage caused by de-icers and freeze-thaw cycles. For that reason, I chose a penetrating sealer designed to reduce the absorbtion of chemicals and liquids, while at the same time strengthening my pavers so they wouldn’t crack and spall. My neighbor on the otherhand, just wanted a wet look color. While his pavers looked great, about a year after applying the acrylic, it started to peel and flake away. I gave him the same suggestion I am about to give you. His pavers have gone 3 years with the same acrylic coloring.

The top rated sealer on the market is currently the Armor L3000┬áby Foundation Armor. This is a contractor’s choice for not only the performance abilities but also for the aesthetic opportunities. The Armor L3000 sealer does not change the appearance of the pavers as it is designed to chemically react below the surface. If a “wet look” or color is desired, it can be added to the pavers once the Armor L3000 has fully cured. The Armor L3000 will help increase the life of the pavers, and the life of anything added to the surface.

Here are a few other products options:

To strengthen, reduce staining, and protect your concrete or brick pavers: Armor L3000

To bring out the once vibrant color already in your pavers (can be applied after the L3000): Liquid Colored Antique

To acid stain the pavers: Direct Colors Acid Stain

Wet or gloss look: Armor AR500