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Posted: 8th April 2013 by admin in Pavers

There are a few different sealers that can be used to seal pavers depending on the type of paver and what you want the pavers to look like once sealed.

Brick Pavers: The best type of sealer to use on brick pavers is a high solids, silane siloxane water repellent like the Armor SX5000. This breathable sealer will work below the surface to repel water and other liquids. It will not change the look or color of the brick, but water and other liquids will bead off the surface. When it comes to brick pavers, you want to avoid the use of a coating simply because of their porosity. Water and moisture that penetrates up from below the brick will quickly cause a coating to deteriorate and peel.

Concrete Pavers: With concrete pavers, you have a few choices. You can go with a penetrating water repellent as mentioned above (Armor SX5000), or you can go with a decorative coating. The best type of coating is an acrylic lacquer, solvent based. Acrylic lacquer coatings are available in matte, satin, gloss and wet look finishes.

Paver Sealer Photos

Images provided by Foundation Armor. The satin sheen coating below is the Foundation Armor AR350 (wet look to the top left). The high gloss to the right is the Foundation Armor AR500. In addition to the acrylic lacquers they also manufacture the AX25 which is a siloxane infused acrylic lacquer coating.

fOUNDATION ARMOR Paver Sealers Wet Look Penetrating

fOUNDATION ARMOR Paver Sealers Wet Look Penetrating

  1. Cooper Kerwin says:

    This article was very helpful. You have me a few great choices to look into for my patio. I just spend about $2500 to have my pavers installed so I want to make sure I use a product that will keep them protected. I live in South Carolina and this year we actually got a lot of snow.